A Celebratory Snowstorm

The title may seem like an oxymoron, but in this household, we love snowstorms – when we can actually get out to enjoy them. This winter has been rough, we’ve been trapped in the neverending polar vortex throwing -40 degree wind chills and every snowfall seems to happen overnight so we haven’t gone out, until today. Jaunts generally entail bundling up in our winter walking gear and heading to a pub, restaurant, or both. Enter Blackbird, our favorite neighborhood spot.

IMG_2923  IMG_2920

I’ve been sick for the past week, so to be able to work from home, regain strength, and be met with a snowstorm is like hitting the jackpot! I’m easily amused, obviously. I haven’t had much food in the last three days and had hankering for a Blackbird burger which is what really makes this a happy story. Only available during happy hour, it is so simple but it is gold, my friends. Grass-fed beef, buttery bun, American cheese and fried onions, the best $5 you will spend in this town. I would share a picture but I was too hungry to snap one. I did take a pic of this tasty pillowy gnocchi with knockwurst though.


It’s a glorious dish, this coming from a person that does not care for gnocchi much, I think I am just really picky about it. Vegetarians take note, the knockwurst is an add-on. I initially had the knockwurst as part of Sunner Fest this past summer where it was served over their perfectly creamy mashed potatoes and topped with kimchi. I personally prefer that preparation because I am a fiend for kimchi, but the winter version is perfectly lovely. There were beers  of course, Lagunitas IPA and a Liftbridge Farm Girl for me. Not sure what Rich had as I was so busy enjoying food and beverages.

So there it is, a celebration. A snowy walk, me rising from the depths of the flu, and some delicious food. The world is right again.

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