Cooking up a Hobby

Plans got cancelled on Sunday so I embraced my new-found freedom and committed to cooking. I never thought I had a hobby until I realized that I tend to spend entire days tackling one cooking project after another. My goal is to stay home a bit more and do this more often. I can sit in my sunny kitchen all day long and be entertained.

So what did I whip up?

First on the list was the caramelized onion recipe from Beth Dooley’s lovely book, Minnesota’s Bounty. This version appealed to me because of the use of wine to braise the onions. Lovely to look at and delicious.




Next up, breakfast bake with eggs, kale, parsley, tomatoes inspired by this egg muffin recipe I found on Pinterest. If I was smart I would make this every week. So healthy and oh so good.

IMG_2954Dinner still had to be made so I found a recipe for pork chops that seemed to fit the mood, Pork Chops au Poivre. I used bourbon in place of the sherry and it did not disappoint. The beet greens were made by cooking in olive oil, garlic, red wine, salt and pepper per the advice of @katenthekitchen.


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