Happy Hour Nibble – Moto-I


I think it is a fair assessment to say that Moto-I has become our favorite happy hour spot, at least on Fridays. Over the last six months we’ve dubbed Friday #ramenfriday because a bowl of ramen is just essential after a long week. But that didn’t happen last night so I’ll save that joy for a future post.

We showed up a little after 5 and the bar was full, luckily two gentlemen were just leaving so that worked in our favor. I was a little surprised at the lack of seats so early, but Dara did just write about the best ramen in the TC and Moto-I topped the list. I was glad to see that they got such high honors, but then again she blew the lid on my secret spot where I can always get a seat. If you haven’t been, it is a large building with very minimal signage so I am sure it is hard to find. Once inside you’ll find a good size bar with Minnesota craft beers on tap and house-made sake. The happy hour is one of the best.


Karaage at Moto-I

Friday’s nibbles included the benny bun, one of the evening’s specials and karaage -which is RIDICULOUS! Fried chicken lovers will rejoice when they taste these little nuggets of battered and spiced chicken thigh. It’s a spectacular dish that goes so well with a beer, such as a Surly Furious. The karaage has become a snacking staple. The benny bun was delicious and could easily be on any breakfast menu. The pillowy bun was stuffed with bacon, poached runny egg with panko, and miso aioli. Yum.

Benny bun

Benny bun

This was a light sampling of menu items but we got so full that it was time to head home. I still should have had some ramen though.

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