Spring at the Farmers Market


Radishes at the Kingfield Farmers Market

You may or may not know this, but I am a OBSESSED with farmers markets. I have been a volunteer at my local market for over three years (since I moved into the neighborhood) helping people get set up and most recently, helping with the operations committee. It’s naturally a great place to get fresh produce and local products, but also a place for people to come together and have a great experience.

Once growing season begins, I get most of my food from the markets: eggs, meat, cheese, fruit, veggies, legumes, herbs, and bread. Occasionally I’ll find a new vegetable and get to experiment which is tons of fun. We are very lucky to have these gems all over Minneapolis and St. Paul.

A couple of weeks ago, I hopped on my scooter and went to the Mill City Farmers Market in Minneapolis for their opening day. The sun was shinning, there were bright blue skies above, and the cool temperatures signified spring. It was perfection.


Micro-greens from Bossy Acres at the Mill City Farmers Market

I purchased some delicious ingredients that day: micro-green spring mix, ramps, eggs, oyster mushrooms, and lamb sausages. I could not wait to get home and cook.


Cherry Tree House Mushrooms

Breakfast consisted of  an omelet with some greens on the side (along with non-market tomatoes). This is the first omelet I have ever made and it was good!


Dinner was the star though, I had some pork chops waiting in the fridge so used them instead of the sausage. The menu consisted of pork chops, oyster mushrooms, ramps,and micro-greens. I kinda sorta followed this pork chop recipe from Bon Appetit.

I started the mushrooms and garlic in butter when the chop brining was done (2 hours in my case).

20140604-174213-63733672.jpgI patted the pork chops dry and off they went into a hot cast iron skillet with a little olive oil. After some good searing, I took them out and added butter, garlic cloves, and thyme to the pan, stirred it up and threw the chops back in for some basting. Butter basting – I wasn’t shy today, It’s farmers market day.


I let the pork chops rest, but still had this porky-buttery goodness in the pan so threw the ramps in. It was a good decision.

End result= deliciousness.


Do you have any favorite farmers market meals?

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