Stuffed Jalapeños and Squash Blossom Appetizers

I’m making this one short and sweet. The market is out of control so you have to cook fast or that produce will go bad! I found these great squash blossoms and had a ton of jalapeños so thought “appetizers!”

I am convinced that frying things in the house is not for me so I decided to bake stuffed  jalapeños wrapped in prosciutto (inspired by Amanda Paa) and breaded squash blossoms stuffed with goat cheese. Here is a visual guide.

Preheat the oven to 400.

Slice and seed the jalapeños. Slice the cheese into long pieces. I used smoked Gouda. IMG_4356

Place a cheese stick in a pepper half and wrap with prosciutto, place on a baking sheet.


For the squash blossoms:

Beat two eggs in a bowl and pour some panko with salt and pepper into another dish.


I cut a corner off of an herbed goat cheese package, perfect for filling the blossoms.


Twist the tops.IMG_4366

Swish in the egg and shake off the excess.


Roll them around the panko mix.


Nestle the two friends together on the baking sheet and pop in the oven. I went with 15 minutes at 400 then broiled them for 10 minutes. Basically until they got melty and browned.




I could eat this every weekend.

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