New Beginnings – The Fitness Edition

It has been a crazy 5 months since I wrote about leaving my job and trying to figure out career things. Since then, life things happened which created stress which I was not prepared to handle. So what do I do when I get stressed? I dine out more often without working out much (or not at all). I basically indulge in all of my favorite things without thinking about the toll on my wallet or weight.

So it was time for change. I am not generally weight conscious but I AM at a point where things don’t fit right and I don’t feel great about myself, at least that’s how I felt 3-4 weeks ago (when I originally wrote this post). My wake up call was “running” the Monster Dash 10 Mile in October. I had not trained so expected to walk most of it, and I was ok with that. What was shocking to me was the pain I felt in my feet and my legs during and after the race, those were the extra pounds stressing my body in a way I had not experienced before. It also made me sad to think that running wasn’t part of my repertoire anymore. I started running 6 years ago because I didn’t want to be on the sidelines anymore, cheering others on but not participating. Running became fun and a great challenge but I’ve lost my way over these past few years and I’d like to get back into it.

Race day.

Monster Dash race day!

This post isn’t about running though, it’s about declaring my goals – to get fit, to lose some of those pesky pounds and to change the story. Stress comes in many forms and sometimes it’s us not letting go of what used to be. I personally can’t keep feeling stressed about something that is my “new normal” so need to live my life accordingly. Another aspect of this is just stepping back and saying “no” to events, meetings, basically anything that is draining. So far that’s been great too.

The plan: I’ve signed up and am in week 2 of The Shed’s BodyShed program,  a bootcamp that I have done twice before. I get up at 5 am, 5 days a week to get my butt kicked by the great staff there. It feels good to have some pressure on me.

My biggest challenge is the dietary aspect which should come as no surprise if you’ve read this blog or know me. Cooking, dining out, beer events, etc. are a big part of my lifestyle. However, I am motivated by my health this time around so really want to take this seriously and make long-lasting changes. I like cooking healthy meals, but it’s the dining out that gets me every time. I LOVE going out. I am proud to say that I have been logging my food and am making better choices these last two weeks. I’ve been too lazy or not dedicated enough before, but logging things really does make you think about what you are eating. Planning meals has been key, which I like to do, so win-win there.

So far, I am feeling great because of the changes: I’m working out, eating better, going to bed earlier, and I don’t feel overwhelmed by obligations. I finally feel centered.

I’ll be blogging about my experience over the next couple of months because I know that will help me meet my goals, especially since millions of you are counting on me! This is very personal, but hey, it’s who I am and what I’m going through, maybe talking about it will help me get better results. I hope you will read about my journey and share your experiences and any tips you may have.



3 responses to “New Beginnings – The Fitness Edition

  1. When I’m rich again, I hope to use you as inspiration to spend money on fitness. 🙂 Walking everywhere works GREAT (60# and counting) but I still want linebacker shoulders someday.

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