What Happens in Vegas, Comes Back from Vegas

Last time I wrote I was on a huge fitness kick. I assure you I am still on that kick but had a bit of a detour. The week of Thanksgiving is aways tough for staying on track, this year was even more insane because I was sick, then Thanksgiving, then Las Vegas. I didn’t get all my workouts in which made me feel guilty, but I knew my body was calling for rest.

IMG_5765Why would you book a trip to Vegas if you knew you had bootcamp? Well, my family is there and for once in a very long time, all my siblings were there so it was a must-do! We had a blast!

Now on to the not so fun stuff. I was completely paralyzed when it came to logging food. The Superbowl of food holidays and the land of excess – how can I compete? It’s one thing to cook and have a normal week with an outing or two, but eating Thanksgiving dishes, Salvadoran food, dim sum, cocktails, and god knows what else was overwhelming to me. So I fell off the wagon there. I was conscious of my portion sizes so had that going for me (?). Working out wasn’t really an option but we did go on some long walks on The Strip, a little swimming and BOWLING – there was activity!

A couple of days away is not a big deal right? Well it is when you are trying to change a lifestyle. This past week back at home was tough for food and drinks, I reverted back to pre-bootcamp behaviors. Happy hours, going to bed a little later, not really logging my food. I have been kicking butt in the gym, at least.

I didn’t go off the deep end but I was over there and it’s so easy to jump in. So what happened in Vegas followed me home and now I have to fight to get back on track since it’s so easy to just quit. I am in it for the long haul so I have to remember that this was only a setback and need to keep moving forward. I only have two weeks left in this bootcamp so want to finish strong.

How do you deal with travel or busy holidays when it comes to maintaining a healthy(ish) diet?



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